Wicked PPD sign at 11th and Winter.

Wicked PPD sign at 11th and Winter.

How does this blog continue to gain followers? You all can’t be real people. I don’t know if I’ll ever get back to Philly :(


I’m surprised I’ve gained so many followers (this is Molly, not James) when I haven’t posted anything in so long. I’m trying to move back to Philly soon so hopefully I can start up the site again.

Street Type Brooklyn has a post

Check it out: Street Type Brooklyn

Hey cats, my name is James and I’ll be running STP until Molly moves back to the city! Just a little about me— I’m from and currently live in South Philly so Street Type Philly is in good hands!  I look forward to shooting for STP, and I’ll try to update the blog again within the next week. Also, if you want, you can check out my flickr and my personal blog too.

Keep an eye out for more uploads soon!


Saloon Restaurant sign. 7th & Catharine Streets.

Saloon Restaurant sign. 7th & Catharine Streets.

If anyone cares

My friend James says he want Street Type Philly while I’m away and I will run a new sub blog called Street Type Brooklyn. Great. Thanks everyone.

Wonderful Point charlesfox

I have set up a sub blog of Street Type Philly called…. Street Type Brooklyn (naming has never been my thing). Simple. Done.

Would you guys want to see Brooklyn Type?

Since I’ll be living in Brooklyn and not Philly would any of my followers like to see Brooklyn type? I’ve already seen some great ghost signs. My other option is to pass the blog over to a friend in Philly. Of course there is that chance that no one cares ;)

Richmarc, Moyamensing & Moore, South Philly

Freda Corporation, Front st, South Philly

O.Colonna, South Philly

Bella Vista Laundromat, 8th & Catharine, South Philly

818, somewhere in South Philly

818, somewhere in South Philly

G.T. Manlio Drugs, idk, somewhere in South Philly